Tuesday, November 26, 2013

enter in.

i am a lover of His presence.
and my heart resonates so deeply with the Psalmist,, that one day in His courts truly is better than a thousand days elsewhere.
and those moments of His manifest presence refresh the soul.
and i see His face so clearly.
and i hear His voice so loudly.
and i'm unshaken in my identity. unwavering in my calling.
and so complete and satisfied in His unfailing love.

and then there are the moments,,
when --i just cant seem to enter in--. 
and i hate it.
and i fight it.
and i cry out for more.

and i know that He uses these moments
to stir up my [[hunger]].

but i also know that i house the very Shekinah glory of God.
i am the place in which He abides.
i am now the Tabernacle where the Holy of Holies used to physically reside.
i am the temple.
and God's Spirit lives in me.

so i never have to experience a day outside of the courts of my God.
i never have to go a moment without His presence.

and in those moments when i cannot seem to enter in,,
this is what He's shown

[[Enter His gates with thanksgiving;
go into His courts with praise.
Give thanks to Him and praise His name]].   (Psalm 100:4)

Because it's not about feeling Him.
its about believing Him.
and its not about experiencing Him.
its about following Him.
and when our heart is undefiled and our motives pure,, He loves to manifest His glory and His Kingdom and the feelings and experiences do come.

but He Himself shows us how to enter in.
not with an experience or fleshly excitement that burns for a while and then dies,,
with [[thanksgiving and praise]].
even when you don't "feel" anything.

so i encourage you,
[to enter in].
give thanks.
praise His name.
and abide.
through continual thanksgiving on your heart and lips.

and you'll be amazed at how constant and thick His presence is.
and how sensitively aware of Him you are.

because we have 24/7 access.
and He's shown us how to come.

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