Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the core. [[identity]].

 “the spirit of religiosity is being more concerned with what we look like than who we are.”
[quote from Father of Lights]

[[You desire truth in the inward parts]]   
(psalm 51:6)

be encouraged today that its not about externals.
it’s not about behavior modification.
it’s not about the way we portray ourselves or try to make ourselves out to be.
it’s not about anything we can do.
it’s all about the heart.
the motives. the thoughts. the secret, inward parts.
where He sees. And where He desires His truth to reside.
it’s not at all about us,
and it’s all about the God-man.
and the identity He’s restored.
and the sins He’s not merely covered, but taken away.

because He changes and cleanses and purifies the core and the roots.
filling them with righteousness.
so the fruit born naturally follows.

“the believer is not called to live a life but to receive a life that, when yielded to, will live itself”
[Such a Great Salvation—Mike Petzer]]


“thank God, we are not called to live what we are not. God does not desire our best attempt at an imitation or impersonation of Jesus. we are not called to live a pretense of greatness. We are called to become outwardly what we are already, inwardly, by Christ’s free gift. Christian growth is becoming in our experience what we are already by gift in our inner nature. We are called to yield to the life of the only One who knows how to truly live like Himself. He is in you. Just as Paul makes it clear when he says, ‘but we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the surpassing greatness of the power may be of God and not from ourselves;’ (2 Cor. 4:7)
‘For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace.’
Jesus is the fullness of God’s grace given to men. There is not another grace available outside of the person of Jesus and all the grace that has been given in Jesus is more than enough to cover every need of man multiple times over and over again. [[This grace is God’s ability to reproduce Himself in us who believe.]]”
                                                                                         -mike petzer

So be free and be yielded  to the Giver of new life and of new hearts. the Initiator and Perfecter of our faith.

and be changed.
in the deepest, most hidden places of our hearts.

let’s drop the pretenses, appearances, and outward shows.

and be absolutely wrapped up in actually allowing Him to live His life in us.

because our righteousness is in Him alone.
and His blood and resurrection accomplished enough.
there’s no need to pretend or strive, or “look good”.

we can actually be made new.
and just like Adam before the fall, the only man without a past or record of achievements,
now in Christ we are fully pleasing to the Father.
because of WHO we are.
and not what we have or haven’t done.

it’s all about identity.

let’s become consumed with that.

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