Tuesday, February 12, 2013

lets be honest.

There’s two different ways to interpret Scripture.

exegesis --> Greek ‘ex’- lead out of ; to pull the meaning out of the text.

eisegesis --> Greek ‘eis’- lead into; to interpret the text by reading into it one’s own ideas

the first lays aside all desires, preconceived ideas, even the theological framework we’ve known and been taught all our lives, and looks solely at the text to understand it. Its pulling the meaning out of  the text alone.
  the second interprets by putting our own ideas into the text,, or even looking to prove our thought/idea by pulling Scripture to defend it.

[drawing truth out of the text vs. reading our views into the text,, making it mean whatever we want.]

Exegesis allows us to agree with the Bible; eisegesis seeks to force the Bible to agree with us.

Clearly, interpreting the Word exegetically is key.

But now,, I am forced to question..
am I living exegetically?

am I allowing what I see when I look around me in our American Christian culture to dictate and influence how I live?

am I stuck in what is comfortable?

am I trapped in a theological framework I was raised in?

am I redefining Christianity and His call?

am I actually living Biblically,, or have I used the Bible to defend a "Christianity" that meets my desires and level of comfort?

am I really obeying Him?

am I really walking in the Spirit as I’m commanded?

am I actually making disciples?

am I truly living and fellowshipping with the Body as I see laid out in Scripture?

do I really see the power of the Holy Spirit in my life?

am I truly living supernaturally?

am I fulfilling His call to love as He loves?

is there any tangible difference between my life and the life of someone down the street who denies the existence of God? 

is Jesus redefining my life,, or am i redefining His? 


these are some of the questions He’s asking me.

and as I seek to align my life with His Word, I’m allowing God to
                                            [[search me deep]].

       to dig up all that our culture, and American idea of church, and my own personal preference has planted in me,, and
       root me firm in how [He alone] defines following Jesus. 


  1. So wonderful and so true. I'm not living the life of a Christian and that needs to change. Reading the bible, fellowship with the Body and being Fishers of men is something God calls us to do.... it feeds our soul. It's essential to our growth! Yet I make excesses. My son takes up my time, I'm exhausted and don't want to join a Christian home group. Blah blah blah. When in reality I know that God will be my strength for those times when I'm overly exhausted and too tired to read or pray!

    1. mmm,,yes. I'm so blessed to hear that He is speaking and ministering to you through this Sherry! He disciplines those whom He loves,, and what a beautifully tough truth that is. but what an encouragement to have Him bear witness to us that we truly are His!
      surrender and obedience are difficult at times,but Jesus is so worth it.:) and you're right, He'll absolutely give you what you need.if He commands it of us, He absolutely enables us to do it.

      He's so faithful to create that heart and life change in us,, the kind that is true and pure and genuine and will truly last.

      praying for you and walking with you,,as we seek and surrender and walk out actually being a follower of Jesus!