[about me].

I am wonderfully hidden in Christ. and ultimately pray that through this blog, you see Him, and not me. 

but to give you a glimpse into my little corner,,
I am a wife to the love of my life and best friend.
I am a mother to an incredible little boy.
and I am a pilgrim merely passing through.
seeking, pursuing, and longing for that which is above, that which is not yet seen.
and all the while, desiring to be a conduit for His Kingdom to be made visible, for His Light to be seen, for His love to be displayed during these temporary days.

I spent the majority of my life stumbling through the darkness and have now found myself swallowed up in Light. In the Light of Jesus. I was born-again at 17-years old,, literally became a new creation, and have been walking in that newness of life ever since.

[I simply live in response to His love, and pray that my life is at least a mere reflection of His glorious Light to the world around us].

for a glimpse into my testimony, you can read here and here.

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