Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Your last breath filled my lungs.

Saved from death.
Awakened by Your breath.
Freed from these chains. i
        Run from the sickness, the pain and the strife.
        Run from the filth that covered my life.
Run from the sorrows, insecurities and doubt.
Run from the emptiness that filled me day in and day out.
            Run from the addictions, sin, and skeleton bones known as me.
     Run from the "pleasures" that nailed Your hands to that tree.

Led out of darkness. Surrounded by glorious Light.
Bound by grace. Clothed in pure white.
You call me Your daughter as I wear forgiveness as a crown on my head
Wrapped in Your presence, overwhelmed by Your love,
You sweetly whisper, it was for you that My blood was shed.

Lungs breathe in deep, Holy Spirit flooding my soul.
Walking in newness of life as I give You control.
 Your streams of living water well up and overflow
I feel Your face shine upon me,
Radiant, aglow.

What manner of Love is this, What pure jealousy!
That it could move Deity to die for one such as me.
              Tears of thankfulness fall, my lips sing forth Your praise.
        Truth penetrates my heart afresh as I realize all that You gave
All that's within me rejoices,
I'm set free.
I am Yours.
       He tore the veil, unlocked the prison.
 It is finished, Christ is risen!

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