Saturday, January 23, 2016

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Friday, January 8, 2016

of abiding and resting and hoping--never despairing in our dormancy.

snow-laden earth.
every branch, every tree, every surface.. weighed down.

when the world outside your window reveals the reality of your season inside.
and when what the eye sees is actually explaining what the heart feels.

heavy-laden soul.
every inch of you.. weighed down.
every hope, every dream, every desire.. seemingly hidden and laid dormant.

but beloved,
there's always two ways to see things.
through the lens of what you see and feel.
or through the lens of what you believe and hope for.

one has the foundation of your circumstances.
the latter has the foundation of His promises.

because, dear one,
sometimes it's those hard winter seasons, those barren places, where everything looks so-- bleak.
that He's actually teaching you to rest.

and what may look like the opposite of what we want and desire and dare I say, need--
is actually exactly what is necessary.
to truly learn to abide.
because when you can't change the external on your own,
there's no striving-- and there's room for learning to remain. in Him. through any season.

be encouraged today, friend.
that in that season of feeling barren-- a spiritual winter.

outwardly so un-fruitful.He's actually covering you,
cleansing you and purifying you.

there's rest for you in this place.

and a lesson in remaining.

because it's easy to abide when our lives are colorful and full of LIFE
but oh, beloved,
the secret is cleaving, continuing to be present, remaining as one with Him-- not becoming another or different, faithfully waiting--
in every season,
especially the barren ones.

because to remain faithful and abide, pregnant with hope, through the dormant seasons that are temporary,
comes with the promise--
unwavering and sure--
of [much fruit] come spring,
and fruit that remains.
for eternity.

and who knows these truths better than the One who tasted and felt and experienced the fullness of death, in every way,
yet clung to the promise of LIFE as His body, the very Light of the world and Bread of life-- lay in the ground-- dormant.

Hope for humanity was buried.
and to the natural eye-- dead.

oh, but He knew that upside-down Kingdom principle--
"I assure you, most solemnly I tell you,
unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies,
it remains [just one grain; it never becomes more but lives] by itself alone.
But if it dies, it produces many others and yields a rich harvest".  John 12:24

what appeared and felt like death-- was actually producing life.

He knew the secret of abiding in His Father's love,
and resting in His promise.

and the words of the Son of Man, spoken right before He purposefully laid His life down-- entering a the ultimate season of bareness and death,
are loud and clear for you and me today,

I have loved you, [just] as the Father has loved Me; abide in My love [continue in His love with Me].  John 15:9

"but I will hope continually,
and will praise You yet more and more" Psalm 71:14

for in it's truest form, 

we hope for what we do NOT see yet.
what we do not FEEL yet.

and beloved, it takes faith.

"now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses]." Hebrews 11:1

So lay aside what you feel,
and even what you see today, friend.
and take on fresh perspective to see as He does.

because the only way to really hope is to abide,
and the only way to really rest is to hope.

so put off discouragement,
cast down those burdens,
take up His yoke--which is easy and light--
and find the dormancy as a place of purification and rest--an opportunity to abide.
and see it as He does--
Him beautifully covering you.

and if you hold on and press in to the One acquainted with grief, sorrow, loneliness and loss, yet always abounding in hope and never losing sight--

there is always the promise of spring.
a harvest of fruit.
that will only be that much more valuable and precious.
because what we sow in tears-- and persistently, faithfully, patiently wait for even when we do not see it--
we will surely reap with joy.

and even more than that,
we'll know and live in that secret, sacred place--
abiding always in His love.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

be of good cheer.

it’s the beginning of a new year.
and with it.. comes new hope,
new expectations, resolutions, goals, intentions.
we stop and reflect on what the past 365 days have brought, and purpose to work harder and do better and make our fresh, empty calendars full of only the good—for some that means doing less, for some that means doing more.

and don’t get me wrong, there’s wisdom in stopping and reflecting and pausing—asking God where we’re at and where He wants to bring us in this next season.
and there’s reason to refocus and regroup and recharge—resetting our goals and reorganizing our priorities all in realigning with His Word and heart for us.

but as we step into this next year, hopeful and expectant, purposeful and well-intentioned..

the Lord is highlighting and speaking two promises from John 16:33.

“I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have [perfect] peace and confidence. In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer [take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]!
For I have overcome the world. [I have deprived it of power to harm you and have conquered it for you].”                 
John 16:33 (amplified)                                                                                                       
we will have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration. 

2016 will not be just smooth-sailing, beloved.
There will be storms.
there will be waters and rivers and fires.
There will be desert seasons 

and wildernesses.

Church, He has also promised perfect peace and confidence.
He has promised we can be of
good cheer [full of confidence and courage—certain and undaunted].
and dear one,
He has promised that He has ALREADY
overcome the world—depriving it of its power to harm us and conquering it, along with its trials and stresses and pain, for us.

In Isaiah 43:2, He promises that when—not if--we pass through the waters He will be with us, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm us. When we walk through the fire, we will not be burned or scorched, nor will the flame kindle upon us.

there will be mysteries this year. There will be pains and trials that catch us off guard—things that we might not understand, and certainly not like.
but there’s a truth that needs to sink deep down into the very core of our being, wherever we are at today..

>>that running from Him will not bring the comfort or relief that we seek and desire.<<

[[ I hear Him calling, beckoning,
for us to settle it in our hearts that no matter what comes, no matter what circumstances—we’re going to stand on His Word and on the truth of His love for us. ]]

“I have told you all these things, so that you should not be offended (taken unawares and falter, or be caused to stumble and fall away).
They will put you out of synagogues; but an hour is coming when whoever kills you will think and claim that he has offered service to God.
And they will do this because they have not known the Father or Me.
But I have told you these things now, so that when they occur you will remember that I told you them.”
John 16:1-4a

Saturday, December 26, 2015

small beginnings

"[[I am a God of small beginnings.]]

just look at My Son. "

the hands of the One who stretched out the heavens,
on whose palms we are inscribed upon...
the hands of the One whom through all things were made,
that contain the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind...
the hands of the One who holds all things together,
and yet carefully captures every tear...

the hands -- completely clean, never once carrying their own sin, that willingly reached out and broke through every rational, medical and Mosaic Law thinking and cleansed the most unclean.
the hands that brought healing and freedom and deliverance and restoration to all that came hungry and needy, knowing that to just brush up against those fingertips meant life.
the hands that split the bread while His lips split open with thanks-- as they all watched in awe, as they all ate and had their fill--- eating from the very hand of God.

the hands that clenched tight, wrestling in prayer, as the blood sweat through His pores.
the hands that gripped and rubbed raw and dug deep into the wood that they carried, knowing full well He would soon hang upon it.
the hands, the very hands, that bled crimson red, bearing the nails as He bore our sickness and sin.

the feet of the One whose footstool is the earth,
at which John, the Beloved disciple fell down at as though he were dead..
the feet of the One whose footsteps we are to follow in, even if in suffering,
that the enemy of our souls is already placed under.
the feet of the One who alone tramples the waves of the sea,
that wore down and covered dirty the sandals that the one crying out in the wilderness, preparing the way, declared he was unworthy of even untying.

the feet that took ground and authority and brought the Kingdom of heaven to earth at each step, yet were
humbly washed with the tears and hair of that desperate Mary of Bethany, as she poured out on them the fragrance of her life.the feet that demonstrated how lovely on the mountains they are bringing good news, announcing peace and bringing good news of happiness, announcing salvation, and saying to Zion, "Your God reigns!"
the feet of God that walked with man--showing man how to walk with God..
the feet that purposefully trudged that road to Calvary, feeling the weight with each step of the burden of humanity He carried and the destiny He'd meet at His destination on that hill in the place called The Skull.
the feet, the very feet, that bled crimson red, bearing the nails as He fulfilled that Genesis 3 prophecy, 'you will bite her child's foot, but HE will crush your head'

those holy, pure, strong hands.
those sacred, dignified, beautiful feet.

first appeared so small.
so tender and fragile. so insignificant and weak.

so Beloved,
[do not despise that humble, hidden, lowly work. ]

both inward-- in those deepest places within you, where I'm masterfully working, beginning, transforming..
and outward-- in those unexpected even naturally undesired places around you, where I'm calling you to serve and love and lay your life down..

because those places
the ones that seem the most small. the most insignificant.
there's something
holy, other-worldly in them.

and just as that Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes,
was missed-- missed,
altogether looked-over,
just because He didn't come as they expected,
as they hoped,
as they wanted.

let's be careful not to miss Him-- today, dear one.
even if that thing, that work, that calling,
looks different-- maybe even smaller than we envisioned or anticipated.

He knows what He is doing.
we just need eyes to see it.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

misplaced affections--removing the mask to our hunger.

this is a season of the Lord realigning and redirecting misplaced desires and affections.
revealing those areas in our hearts where we think we will be most satisfied and what our affections are set on-- that are really just a mask over the Holy Spirit.

He's saying..

that thing
that place
that person
that opportunity
that dream
even that godly work/ministry
that is consuming your thoughts and affections.
that you're believing will bring "the more" you want in life but seems out of reach or unattainable, even just for this season.
[[it's not what you're actually hungry for.]]
He has already come and given you life and life abundant. it is ALWAYS attainable.
and your desire for MORE is good-- it's from Him.
but if it's bringing you to a place of discouragement, thoughts of failure, bitterness, disappointment, condemnation, thinking that God is withholding--
then beloved, your affections are misplaced and your hunger is being masked.

isn't that just like the enemy.. to take a desire that is intended and has the power to drive us into more of Him and flipping it around and making it drive us into discouragement and defeat.He is realigning our hearts with Him, setting all of our affections on Him, unmasking that God-given hunger and passion for FULL LIFE as a beautiful catalyst into more of Him-- not dissatisfaction and waiting for "someday".
What is masking your hunger and desire today? What earthly or even "spiritual" pursuit and longing is parading around in your mind as the fulfillment to what God has for you or the answer to full life-- taking the place of your pursuit and longing for more of the Spirit?

because beloved, He already HAS given us EVERYTHING we need for LIFE and GODLINESS. (2 Peter 1:3).
don't be enticed into thinking that it's found anywhere other than in His divine power.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


 you are chosen. selected. honored. adored. beloved. accepted. legitimate. adopted. holy. free. new.

you can't go back.
there's nothing there for you anymore.
you belong to ME.

come away with Me.
be swept up in My love.

>>the lies have had their time.
now is the time to
[arise in your thinking]<<

Friday, October 23, 2015

do not fear the road ahead.

[do not fear the road ahead]

if you try and do things in your own way and strength and rush My timing--
you will surely become overwhelmed and weary.

the peace is in My presence.
let Me be what overwhelms you.

for there is nothing more overwhelming than the love,
grace and plans I have for you.

[do not fear the road ahead].

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

unlocked doors.

 I believe we are in a season of shifting-- and all of the shifting is causing things to be loosed spiritually and physically.

the word on my my heart as of late is that He is the Initiator of change.

and I believe that He's shown me that, for the Body at large,
He is unlocking doors.
He is releasing freedom
and He is opening new opportunities and revelation.

He is doing and moving far more than we could ask or imagine in these days.

And so I encourage you to press in--
what is He initiating in your life in this season?
what doors are being unlocked in your life?
where is He bringing you out of and what is He bringing you into?
how can you walk in step and embrace more fully the change He is initiating?

be encouraged, beloved,
>>your seasons are appointed.
He knows where He's bringing you.
things that seem to have not budged for years are beginning to shift.
the places that you have felt stuck in are being flung open.
promises are being fulfilled and will begin to start manifesting in the natural.
the word
RELEASE is over His Church. <<

Release from sin and bondage and fear and strongholds and burdens and present trials.
and a release of what has been prayed for and contended for and hoped for--
a release of opportunities for the advancement of the Kingdom in your life and family and city and nation,
and a release of greater understanding and revelation of who He is, who you are in Him and what He is doing and saying.

[Step out,
and step in]

Monday, September 28, 2015

withering, fading, and remaining.

"all flesh is grass,
and all its beauty is like the flower of the field.
The grass withers, the flower fades
when the breath of the Lord blows on it;
surely the people are grass.
The grass withers, the flower fades,
but the word of our God will stand forever."  (Isaiah 40:6-8)

this life that we are called to, Church--
is not about comfort.
it's about
correct perspective.

and i hear the Lord saying strongly,
[be led by the eternal,
not by the temporal].

because oh how fleeting and passing and fragile this life is.
and there's a comfort and a hope that every trial and pain and struggle is momentary,

but there's also a weightiness and cause for repentance behind the reality that every fleshly ambition, accomplishment, pursuit, motive, response, and desire is vain--just as quick to fade and wither,
and even more than that-- if we're led by them, our lives will be in vain as well.

 only that which has Kingdom substance will remain.
whether that's our dreams, desires, pursuits, motives-- and more so, our souls.

and so the questions are there..
what are you going after?
what are you holding onto that He's calling you to let go of?
what is hindering your pursuit of Him?
if our trials are momentary, but our heart condition in the midst of them has eternal implications-- how should we be responding?
if every seemingly mundane task can reap everlasting fruit if done to and through and for Him-- how should we approach even the smallest work? Every late night feeding, nursing mama.. every data entry, young professional.. every handshake.. every smile.. every hug..
if this side of eternity is like a snap of the fingers compared to what is to come--what should we be focused on?
if we could really see every single piece of this life as He sees it-- how would we be living differently? 

because it's not about comfort.
it's about correct perspective.

Father, give us eyes to see.
and the obedience to follow how You lead.
because Your word will stand forever,
and this life certainly will not.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

positioning; lessons of heart soil and humility.

 [It's all about positioning]

the words He deposited into my heart this week.

for now is the time to position yourself to receive, dear one.

a simple and seemingly silly question.. how do you show you're ready to receive something?
the picture He's given me is this,
arms extended,
hands together-- open and empty.

humility and readiness.

because it can rain all day long,
but if we're not humble enough to reach out and receive,
and ready with open and empty hands when it comes--
we won't retain any of it.
the refreshment and sustenance will be only surface-level and short-lived.

and Beloved, He is calling us to more,
and He certainly has more that He desires to pour out.

but it is all about

namely-- the position of our hearts.

what's the condition of our heart soil?
is it not even compatible with growing life--like a path?
rocky and shallow?
full of thorns?
or is it good, fertile soil?

because seeds can be scattered your direction and sown day in and day out,
but if our hearts are not positioned--ready to receive--
those tiny sources full of life and fruit potential
will lay dormant.
if ever springing up and taking root,
only for a short season..
before those roots are choked out and those life-bearing buds scorched by the sun and withered. [Matthew 13:1-9]
because let's be honest,
distractions these day are quick to overtake and choke out,
and the reality of trials and circumstances beating down don't show partiality.

and it can seem overwhelming, even impossible (because it is.. on our own)..
to make our heart-soil ready, receptive, compatible with life..
but there's a call in Hosea to
break up the fallow ground of our hearts (read more from a post on this here).
and even still.. it's like..
God, how?

and the words in James 4:6 broke through.

["God opposes the proud,
but gives grace to the humble."]

the only way we can receive anything,
even the grace that we need to change the position of our hearts,
is through

arms outstretched..
showing need, openness, desperation-- even vulnerability.

hands open..
no longer clenched-- whether out of fear, rejection, anger, bitterness, isolation..

hands empty..
free from distractions and works and everything self--
self-pity, self-hatred, self-preservation, self-righteousness, self-sufficiency.

I don't know about you,
but I am desperate for that grace that He gives.
desperate enough to do something about it.

because we're called to bear fruit,
and fruit that remains. (John 15)

and for being a culture and a generation and a church
that is saturated in teaching and studies,
with seeds scattered left and right,
we sure don't have a whole lot of fruit in our personal lives
or individual spheres of influence
to show for it.

because the only fruit that truly remains,
is the fruit that reproduces.

>>so maybe it's time to switch our focus and effort and time from saturating our soil with innumerable seeds of all shapes and sizes,
and instead examine our heart soil,
humble ourselves
and position ourselves,
so we can truly receive the Incorruptible Seed--
the only One who can reproduce His very life within us. <<

" have been born again not of perishable seed but of imperishable,
through the living and abiding Word of God." 1 Peter 1:23.