Wednesday, October 21, 2015

unlocked doors.

 I believe we are in a season of shifting-- and all of the shifting is causing things to be loosed spiritually and physically.

the word on my my heart as of late is that He is the Initiator of change.

and I believe that He's shown me that, for the Body at large,
He is unlocking doors.
He is releasing freedom
and He is opening new opportunities and revelation.

He is doing and moving far more than we could ask or imagine in these days.

And so I encourage you to press in--
what is He initiating in your life in this season?
what doors are being unlocked in your life?
where is He bringing you out of and what is He bringing you into?
how can you walk in step and embrace more fully the change He is initiating?

be encouraged, beloved,
>>your seasons are appointed.
He knows where He's bringing you.
things that seem to have not budged for years are beginning to shift.
the places that you have felt stuck in are being flung open.
promises are being fulfilled and will begin to start manifesting in the natural.
the word
RELEASE is over His Church. <<

Release from sin and bondage and fear and strongholds and burdens and present trials.
and a release of what has been prayed for and contended for and hoped for--
a release of opportunities for the advancement of the Kingdom in your life and family and city and nation,
and a release of greater understanding and revelation of who He is, who you are in Him and what He is doing and saying.

[Step out,
and step in]

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