Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent// [in the waiting].

the stillness.
if we still ourselves long enough to find ourselves in it,,
the truth is exposed.
there's a longing.
there's a need.

in a world of chaos,
who even knows how to be still?

"be still my heart".


in a world of noise.
who even knows how to hear?

that "still, small voice".

in the stillness.
we all know.
we're desperate.
and in need.

but we busy ourselves, and surround ourselves, and bombard ourselves.
so the eroding and screaming of our souls is buried and masked.
and our hearts become numb.
because who wants to feel that anyways?
the brokenness.
the hunger.

and so a time designated to pause.
to reflect.
to recognize.
our waiting.

[ˈædvɛnt -vənt]n an arrival or coming, especially
of something extremely important and of one which is awaited.

but how can we wait,
for One we don't even realize our need for?
how can we wait,
for One we're too busy to even recognize?
how can we wait,
for One we're too numb to even feel?

so this season.
[[let us position ourselves purposefully.

that in our stillness.
we would watch.
we would wait.

lest it become all about presents instead of His presence.
lest it become all about our getting instead of His giving.
lest it become all about us and not at all about Him.

lest we miss it all entirely.

and be like those who were too blind, and busy, and numb to recognize
the very One they were waiting for.

the promised One,
the needed One,, the God-man.
fleshed out; living and breathing among them.
being as nothing,
the form of a servant,
born in the likeness of men.
humbled and obedient.
to the point of death.
even death on a cross.

all so His scandalous love would be known.

and the prophecy fulfilled,

"He sent redemption to His people"... (Psalm 111:9).

because the Awaited One is here.
and we're called to wait for His return.
and in our advent,
let's not miss Him.

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