Thursday, March 14, 2013

why promises?.

Why promises ?

broken promises,, saying one thing but doing another.           
vows unkept,, turning your back on your word.
exaggerations,, not saying what you mean, or meaning what you say.
expectations unfulfilled,, not following through.

we’ve all done it,, we’ve all had it done to us.
since we were kids, whose secrets were shared by those who promised to keep them and whose parents innocently promised ice cream if we behaved but forgot to stop on the way home,, we knew that there was something crushing about being told one thing but seeing something different.

many wounds have been inflicted. many hearts broken. many walls put up.

it's created in us an innate lack of trust and confidence in the person standing next to us.

vulnerability has been cast aside in the name of protecting ourselves.

[[we were created with a fierce desire for loyalty and faithfulness]].
    for people to mean what they say, keep their word, and follow through.

and that’s because we were created by the One who created promises.

He loves making promises partially just so that He can keep them,,
because then the trueness of His nature is shown.
because then when everyone else fails us,, when we hurt the ones we love,, and even when we break the heart of God,
His faithfulness remains.

He’s never made a promise that He hasn’t kept.
and we will never be left wondering why God didn’t keep His Word.

so let the walls fall down.
begin to trust again.
and allow God to keep His promises to you.

[[His love is so disarming.
His promises are true.]]

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