Monday, March 11, 2013

belonging by blood.

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There is a strong searching

From ages when we are young,
To ages when we are old

To belong.
The human heart longs to be claimed by someone.

This is the hungry inside of us that God gave.

The systems of belonging to father and mother,
to husband, wife,
Belonging to family,
To purpose
To groups
To nations

These are tiny metaphors,
Shadows of what God means.
And they either distract us from our most essential hunger
Or help us to understand.

There is certainly a distinct pattern of God desiring and providing stability in the structure of our lives on earth.
He says He puts the orphans into families, (Ps 68:6)
Desires man to cleave to wife, (Matt 19:5)
and calls us to trades, occupations, and people groups.

But it is a great disorder to mistake provision of stable circumstances as the favor of God,
Or to conclude seasons of instability are His neglect of your life.

When we feel like God takes everything away or holds out on providing for a starving need; It’s uncomfortable, let’s be honest.
The initial response of the soul is kicking and screaming,
Or withering sorrow because situations insist that God has forgotten.

guess I just want to say a few things personally,
I’ve been here, and in many ways I am here.

It’s this feeling of God picking you up off solid ground.
The stability of life before His great interruption – a distant past.
It feels a lot like dangling.

It’s like everything you’ve belonged to is curiously blurred off the page.

And then it happens.
At least so it did for me,
I realized that all my life of belonging had quieted my appetite for my own salvation.

So The Lord gave, and then took away,
And the appetite was made naked.
Like a daily pressing
An unavoidable craving to belong to the God who already bought me.
Where else can I go?

Sometimes even though we may be saved, we are so busy with all the blessings we belong to on earth that we forget or can’t tangibly recognize our crying appetite to be owned by God.
As a result, the felt daily prominence of His blood is diminished in our lives.

Fell on floor
And cried out to be taken
“God, claim me.”

For the soul in me begs to be the possession of God.

(Seasons of instability
Are lessons in identity.)

Who am I?
I am one who stands up and walks out,
Through valley or storm,
Covered in the blood of  The God Man.

I encourage you, if you are in a season of instability or if you recognize a need to belong. Consider yourself called.
He has uncovered your appetite because He wants you.
You were made to belong to Him.

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