Tuesday, January 21, 2014

knowing the present-tense God.

there is always fresh bread.

it's just easier on the flesh to live off the old stuff.

and we eat it,
thinking it will sustain and satisfy the spirit man.

when we're really just feeding the flesh.

and what we think is bringing life,
is actually starving the Spirit.
quenching the hunger.
hiding the need to partake of Him daily.

and we eat the lie that there's really not fresh bread anyways.
that what we experienced and tasted before, will be enough for right now.

and we become content with our discontentment.

when God is saying,  Come.
Come and see.
Come and see My provision daily.
Come and encounter Me daily.
Come and rely on Me daily.
Come and receive from Me daily.

and we're just like the Israelites,
trying to live off of yesterday's manna, instead of intentionally going to receive today's.

even though He [freely] gave it [daily].

and what originally bred life,
bred worms and stank when kept for tomorrow.
                                                        (exodus 16:20)

because it was never just about getting,
it was really about coming to a place of intimate knowing and trusting and depending on the One who gives.
and it was never just about surviving in the wilderness,
it was about growing and maturing spiritually to a place in knowing Him,
where the soul thrives in any situation, trial and circumstance, whether blessing or testing.

it's all about a present-tense knowing.
it's all about a present-tense hearing.
it's all about a present-tense encountering. [because He is the I AM],
not the I WAS, or I WILL BE.

because relying off of what was received yesterday,
and hoping to store up enough for tomorrow,
is never what He has intended for today.

[Receive fresh bread].

He freely lays out the substance of heaven for you every.single.morning.
so that you may know Him.

"...in the morning you shall be filled with bread.
then you shall know that I am the Lord your God."
(exodus 16:11).


  1. This is so encouraging Kelsey! Thanks for your words that always point to {{jesus}} I love you!

    1. awe thanks kate:))
      i'm so thankful for your friendship,, and for your pursuit of Him.
      praying a fresh increase of Him over you:)

      love you<3