Sunday, September 20, 2015

the path of life.

 There's a simplicity in following Jesus and knowing God in this life that has been lost,
and I feel the heart of the Father so deeply calling His Bride back to that place.

and it's found in Psalm 16:11, one you're probably well acquainted with.

"You make known to me the path of life;
in Your presence there is fullness of joy;
at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore".

and as I was meditating on this-- saying God.. am I missing something You're wanting to show me through this?

" Your presence there is fullness of joy;
at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore"

and then He made the connection.

that is "the path of life".

that is the road He desires that we walk.

that is the journey that He's set us on.

[fullness of joy in HIS presence.
pleasures forevermore at HIS right hand--> where Jesus sits.]

that is what we are all searching out and grasping for.

that is the answer to..
what does He have for me?
what is His will for me?
what is my ultimate calling?
what is my first ministry?
what does He have in this season?
what does He want to work in me?
what is the point of my life?

every fortune teller, tarot card, horoscope, sign in the sky, coincidence, hope of providence..
a desperate attempt to find the path of life we are to walk..
to ensure that we make the right decision.

even in the Christian circles, we make our life out to be this set maze with constant crossroads and stop signs, where we have to perfectly make the right choice in seeking out God's will in order to not "miss out" on the path He has intended for us.

every futile attempt at happiness and satisfaction.
whether through human relationship or applause or addiction or money or even ministry.
because it's ingrained into our souls from creation-- we want to live life to the fullest.

but boy, do we make a mess of it.
and maybe we're still missing it.
Christian and non-Christian alike.

because He makes it clear..
He shows us "the path of life".
[in the original language, Psalm 16:11a is
You make known to me "the way of living to live fully alive,,
like the green of vegetation,
and the fresh, flowing of water
and the reviving and renewal of springtime"].

the way we all want to live, if we're honest.
and the one thing we probably all want shown to us.

and the rest of the verse simplifies what that way of living fully alive is and how to find it.
knowing and experiencing and living in this--
being filled with the fullness of joy in Him--
finding everything we desire and need in Him, not needing to look anywhere else.
Full-- FULL!!
no lack; no void.
complete in joy in His feet and in His presence.
because we are convinced that every delight and pleasure and good thing is found at His right hand-- IN JESUS.

With the original definitions in brackets, this verse I was well acquainted with took on a whole new light.

"You make known to me the path of life [the way of living to live fully alive; like the green of vegetation, the fresh, flowing of water and the reviving and renewing of spring],
in Your presence [face] there is fullness [satisfaction, abundance, fulfillment, to have one's full of, to have in excess] of joy [gladness];
at Your right hand [in Jesus] are pleasures [everything pleasant, delightful, sweet, lovely, beautiful, sweetly sounding] forevermore [ strength, enduring, everlasting, continual, perpetual, constantly]".

This is the way of living fully alive.
this is what life is really all about.
it's really not all that complicated--

the abundance of joy, gladness and satisfaction that is literally overflowing in excess;
every pleasant, delightful, sweet, lovely, beautiful, sweetly sounding thing,
found all --perpetually, constantly, without end, from everlasting to everlasting--
in face of Jesus Christ.

This is what He desires to make known to us.
This is what He has for us.

maybe it's less about right or left turns, Church..
and more about a fixed gaze on His face,
so we can be a Bride actually alive and in love-- complete in joy in our Beloved.

and as we find ourselves on "the path of life"-- we can certainly trust that our Shepherd will faithfully lead and direct and guide our every step. 

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