Friday, April 3, 2015

Passover,, a celebration of promise.

Passover begins at sundown.
and for the first time, it's not so foreign.
it's as up close as it can get.


Passover is about remembrance and fulfilled promises.
Passover is about hope, the hope that comes from a God who always comes through, who always fulfills, who never turns back on His word.

it’s about the freedom and deliverance that was promised.
the doubt and faithlessness of His children.
and the constant grace and faithfulness of God.

it’s about the covenant that He made.
and His unwillingness to break it.

it’s about the God who loves to redeem,, bring renewal and rebirth.
the Initiator of change.
faithfully changing winter into spring.

it's about the joy that He brings in the deepest of sorrows.
and the strength that He gives on the hardest of journeys.

it's about the sacrifice that He gave.
the lives that He spared.
the chains of slavery that He broke.
the new life that He promised.

Passover is about the death that was coming,,
but was overcome by the blood,
because the grace of our God is more than enough.

it's about a God who remembers,, and calls us to do the same.
and so tonight, we'll watch the sun bend low, just as the Lamb bent low to wash our feet,,
right before ultimately fulfilling the
promises  that God made.  and we'll remember.and we'll   celebrate.

the redemption, freedom, and life that we have.
because God didn't turn His back on His Word.
and instead gave us His Son.
the Perfect Sacrifice.
the Spotless Lamb.

[[“For all the
promises  of God find their Yes in Jesus…”]] 
                                                                                                                                    2 Corinthians 1:20

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