Tuesday, March 24, 2015


There's a pressing on my heart to share what I feel like He's speaking to me, and desiring to speak to someone else, today.

"you have to start some where.
beloved, do not be discouraged or deterred because you have not yet attained that which is on your heart, that which you aspire to.

>>your goal, your vision, your hope
should not be a source of condemnation<<.
[that's what the enemy tries to twist it into].

rather, let it be your driving force in keeping your eyes on Him as you begin. and as you continue.

it's foolish to not begin because you think you should be or you desire to be further down the road.

you have to start some where.

one foot in front of the other.

there is no stagnation in Christianity.
the soul is always in motion.
and the enemy is constantly stealing.

if we're not taking ground,
we're losing it.
if we're not moving forward,
we're moving backwards.
so now is the time, beloved.
He is glorified in your weakness.
and He is propelled by your hunger.

"do not despise these small beginnings" [zechariah 4:10],
for the Lord is so pleased. "

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