Monday, June 24, 2013

soar, my soul.

[He rescued me, because He delighted in me].

be free.

soar, my soul.

break down the walls of apathy.
strip off the layer of numbness.
remove the complacency of comparison.

awaken me from this sleep.

fresh passion.
new hunger.
greater thirst.

wild and free.
extreme in my pursuit of You.

completely undone.

a fire within raging.

Holy Spirit filling.

burn in me, God.
   to where You cannot be contained.

awake, my soul
to your

first Love.

[you are delighted in. you are free.
free to be undignified as David was,,
dancing before your King.]

i am alive.
and i will worship.

“Refuse to be average.
let your heart soar
as high as it will.”
                A.W Tozer 


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