Monday, January 21, 2013


years slipping.
pages turning.
seasons changing.
constantly moving. Stepping. Growing. Ever forward. Ever quickly.

to such a beautiful place.

healed and being healed.
Renewed and being made new.
A place of restoration and freedom.
no fear, guilt or regret,,
This place that You’ve brought me to,,

and yet I hear You whispering,,
daughter, don’t forget.

don’t forget the chains,
         that held you down so tightly.
the darkness,
        you walked around in blindly.
don’t forget the wounds,,
        that have been turned into scars.
the past and the rescue,,
        that have made you who you are.
don’t forget the place,,
       that you were lost,           and found in.
the mountains that I moved,,
       so you could be forgiven.

reconciled and chosen,,
a new heart beating—no longer hardened.
sitting at Your table,,
replacing memories of being thrown out of the Garden.

this bread,
                    it is My body.
this wine,
                   it is My blood.

of My sacrifice.
enter in to My surrender.

daughter,, do this to remember.

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